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Patient Participation Group


The PPG exists to

  1. Encourage patient engagement with HHMC
  2. Help HHMC to understand patient perceptions of service delivery (good and not so good) and thereby identify any areas for praise or improvement
  3. Provide a forum in which HHMC and guest speakers can present and invite discussion about
    1. what’s happening within HHMC and other local NHS services (including, as appropriate, any proposed changes that could affect patient services and how these are delivered)
    2. topics related to health and wellbeing (and how HHMC and other local services can help with these)
    3. other issues that may be identified as being useful for the PPG to discuss

NB The PPG does not supplant the usual ways through which patients should raise immediate issues with HHMC management, and participants must not use the forum as a means to air individual grievances.


  • Membership
    1. Anyone who is a patient of the practice is entitled to join the PPG, to attend a PPG open meeting and to become a regular contributor to the PPG
  • The PPG Committee
  1. The PPG Committee is the PPG’s governing body, responsible for final decisions about how the PPG is run, how information about it is communicated, and the topics for the open meeting’s Agenda. As a minimum, the PPG Committee will consist of
  • One senior member of the HHMC medical team (preferably a Partner) – other practitioners are also encouraged to take part
  • One or more members of the HHMC admin team
  • The Chair/s of the PPG
  • The PPG Secretary (can be one of the above and duties can be shared)
  • The PPG Working Group
  1. The purpose of this group is to discuss and agree ideas for encouraging wider participation in the PPG and to suggest topics for future presentations.
  • Spear-headed by the PPG Chair/s, this group will be formed of up to 8 people from patients and HHMC staff who would like to get more involved.
  • Suggestions proposed by the PPG Working Group must be put to the PPG Committee for final approval.
  • As it matures, this group’s remit may expand to include e.g. a rota of volunteers to support practice activities
    1. Communication about the PPG
    2. Current information about the PPG, its meetings and how to get involved will be available in the surgery and on the website, and summary information may also be given to new patients and put in the library and in local pharmacies. Only those who give permission for the PPG or the practice to communicate with them about PPG matters will receive regular updates and direct invitations to attend Named information about patients will not be recorded in the minutes
  • PPG Meetings
  • Meetings will either be online or in person (as deemed appropriate)
  • PPG Meetings will be held at least twice a year, but the aim is that they will be quarterly when there is enough to discuss
  • Notice of the meeting will be published on the website and in the surgery and direct invitations will be sent to anyone who has given permission for this to be done by email
  • The Agenda will be agreed by the PPG Committee with a planned running time of 1-1.5 hours (to suit the Agenda)
  • Patients wishing to attend will be asked to give advance notification so that numbers can be accommodated; if the meeting is online they must submit their email address and give permission for this to be used for PPG purposes
  • Minutes will be taken and issued to attendees with a short summary of the key points being published on the HHMC website. The previous Minutes will be agreed at the start of each meeting.

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