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Kingston Hospital’s Patient Portal

Posted on August 16th, 2022

Kingston Hospital’s Patient Portal is an online system that allows you to look at information on your hospital record, view hospital appointments, receive test results and communicate with the hospital. You will be able to provide key information ahead of your appointment, helping us to better prepare for your appointment. In some instances, this information may even result in the need for less hospital visits.

Provided by Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, it’s a completely secure way to view and manage your own hospital health information.


Kingston Hospital will  be developing the portal over time to include more features, but right now you can access:

• Appointments: check the date and time of appointments
• Documents: a place to receive and store copies of letters or
correspondence from the hospital about your care
• Messages: receive messages from your care team at Kingston Hospital
• Allergies: look at your recorded allergies
• Questionnaires: to complete prior to your appointment


With these features coming soon:

• Reschedule: change some appointments online
• Test results: view test results
• Procedures: view records of procedures you’ve had
• Login: via the NHS App

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