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Change of Brand Name of Your Inhaler

Posted on July 13th, 2022

Clenil Modulite® inhaler to Soprobec® inhaler

As a practice we work together with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to ensure your medicines are regularly reviewed and that your treatment follows the latest best practice guidelines and is cost effective for the NHS.

The CCG has identified that a new inhaler, Soprobec®, has been launched which contains the same active ingredients in the same amounts as your current Clenil Modulite® inhaler, but is available to the NHS at a much lower cost. Prescribing as Soprobec is 25% cheaper than prescribing as Clenil Modulite. This switch will save around £6000 per year across Teddington Primary Care Network (PCN). The practice doctors at Hampton Hill Medical Centre have agreed to switch and we would therefore like to change your medication as follows:


Your current repeat prescription is for:

Clenil Modulite® aerosol

When you order your next prescription this will have been stopped and replaced with:


The Soprobec® device itself works in a very similar way to Clenil Modulite®, and the dose you take will remain the same.

In order to prevent waste, we would ask that you use up any existing Clenil Modulite® aerosols before you request a new prescription. Local pharmacies have been informed of our decision to prescribe the Soprobec® brand. They may not however hold a large amount in stock initially and may need to order some in, please allow a little time for this.


You do not need to do anything; the change will be made by us when you next request a prescription for your inhaler. However, if you have any questions regarding the change or would like to make an appointment with the practice pharmacy technician, please contact us. The practice pharmacy technician nurse or community pharmacist can give you more advice and information.

The practice will not routinely reverse this switch unless there is a clear clinical reason to do so. If you contact the practice asking for this switch to be reviewed we will ask you to identify what clinical symptoms have changed following the switch so we can assess whether they relate to the change.

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